Are you struggling with relationships in your life?

It could be:

  • Your relationship with your partner or friend
  • Your relationship with your parent, sibiling or another family member
  • Your relationship with your colleague or manager
  • Your relationship with yourself and your critical inner voice

The relationships you have with others in your life can play a big role in how you feel within and about yourself. Some of these relationships you may choose, and others are chosen for you. These might be a great source of nourishment, support and love but when any relationship in your life becomes challenging, this can be hard to navigate and very stressful when it goes less smoothly.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • A relationship in your life is feeling strained, at breaking point, or has resulted in a estrangement or separation
  • You're feeling betrayed or let down by someone who you felt you could depend on and trusted
  • You notice your experience being repeated within a relationship or relationships and you want to understand this more
  • You're finding that a relationship causes you stress or anxiety that impacts other areas of your life

Counselling can help!

Having an confidential, accepting, non-judgemental, space to work through this together may help you to live with more ease, a revitalised, happier and more fulfilling life.

Maybe it's time to…

  • Prioritise yourself investing in time to talk through your struggles and find meaning within them
  • Learn more about yourself and how you engage with the world around you
  • Find ways to move forwards that make sense for you
  • Move towards living life on your own terms and being true to yourself

Hi, I'm Hamilton!

I help individuals navigate and heal from challenging relationships within their life

I work with adult clients (18+) in my private practice. Within our sessions, we'll find ways of working together that are tailored to your own unique needs and style and will work at your own pace.

Alongside practicing as a therapist I'm also a lecturer at Metanoia Institute, a leading training provider for counselling and psychotherapy.

Hamilton Sargent

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